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A boutique product design and marketing studio for businesses & individuals with innovative ideas.

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Our mission

Designing innovative ideas that unlock your potential

Translate your unique business ideas with my professional product design process and create products and services that are commercially viable.   Delivering against a specified product development roadmap, your solutions will be launched to time, quality and budget. Combined with a creative approach to branding, web design and marketing, the result – a polished proposition that will resonate with your desired audience.

Jacqueline Scott

Owner + Founder : Product Angel

Product Launch Services

Workshop & Concept Design

Brainstorming your ideas and translating these into a concept definition and clearly scoping and specifying the market opportunity.

Insights & Market Research

Discovery of market research and competitive market insights for your concept. Gap analysis and recommendations with moving forward with the market opportunity.

Product & Technical Design

Designing all of the features and elements of your service, that can be translated into technical solution options (where required).

Business Case & Pricing

Specifying the background, expected business benefits, design options, costs, projected revenue & profit, expected risks and funding needed.

Roadmap & Product Management

A plan outling each deliveable of your project against time, quality and budget metrics. Operating as the product lead, working with key stakeholders (engineers, developers etc.) Collaborate and remove roadblocks and ensure the timely delivery of your project.

Documentation & Processes

Create the internal or customer-facing documentation required to sell, order or use your product i.e. forms, contract terms & conditions, policies, service assurance documents and usage portals.

Billing, Reporting & Monitoring

Set out how your customers order, add, move or change features and be invoiced for your service. Specify service monitoring and service assurance where required. Define how customers are managed when making enquiries or incident reporting. Define usage and ongoing financial reporting.

In-Life Product Management

Monitor the profitability of your service, introduce new features that will continually improve service and compete in your market. Introduce marketing propositions and pricing to drive sales. Develop your service for alternative markets.

Marketing Services

Brand Design

Brand guide, logo design, social media kick-start, business card design.

Website Design

Web design (Word Press, Square Space). Video and image selection, copywriting, blog post kick-start, social media links. Ongoing management or training to maintain site.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Monthly management and optimisation of your web presence.

Social Media

Social media strategy and set up. Kick-start scheduled posts.

Pitch Pack & Client Presentations

With the right presentation deck, you can engage potential investors or customers to explain what your service does and why it's a good investment.

Marketing Collateral

Graphic design and copywriting of any associated digital and print marketing material.

Mobile App Design

Mobile app user guide that is tailored to the market needs, putting usability at the heart of your app. Attractive & highly functional design that can be translated easily by a technical developer.

Business Development & Sales Strategy

Identify target market leads, sales strategy and undertake initial business development, where required.

Meet the designer

I am Jacqueline Scott, founder of Product Angel Studio.  I am a consultant on new concepts, service design and Product Development. I am also a specialist in Marketing.
Corporate clients work with me instead of hiring a full-time Product Manager. For marketing projects, they hire me as an alternative to using an expensive Web Design and Branding agency. I contract on a project basis which means I can work at your pace.
By connecting with smart, business-savvy entrepreneurs,  I help bring their disruptive business ideas to life. I use a structured approach to developing ideas and service design. I am experienced in building new technology solutions and marketing these to a select, target audience.
I have over 15 years of product development experience and I have worked with blue-chip telecommunications companies on leading-edge technology.  I have also worked with start-ups and small businesses.
I am very familiar with starting a project with a blank page, defining exciting new business models and matching business requirements with new technology solutions. This is why I value working with developers, engineers and entrepreneurs. 
At whatever stage you are at with your project, I can get involved and deliver part or all your solution in house. I can also leverage my partner network, work with me for guidance on service design, pricing, branding, web design or social media.
Are you are an existing business owner? Or an individual with a big idea but without the in-house expertise … then get in touch.