We specialise in the development of disruptive services for businesses, founders and creative individuals, including products that may have a technical element.

Catering to corporates and entrepreneurs with great ideas, but without the product development experience, Product Angel defines each concept and then designs each product or service, to ensure that it is viable, profitable and that it has the tech and processes in place to ensure that it scales.

We can deliver each solution by developing well-defined specifications and leveraging our network of partners.  We ensure that each solution is perfectly aligned with our client’s goals, values, and target market. We have strength is collaborating with technical engineers/web/app developers that deliver the defined features of each service.  We will ensure that our client has a clear and concise product strategy/plan, a business case and pricing strategy and a development roadmap in place, with processes to support the scale of their business post-launch.  Product Angel can also leverage our network of partners to develop legal/reg, branding, communications, social media & PR activities that will support their business strategy.

If you’re looking to launch a new business or if you need help to explore a commercial service idea, or you need to redefine your digital strategy, we can get involved, at any stage of the process.  If you want to entirely outsource the build and management of your solution, then please get in touch.