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Who we are

Creator of quality services and thinker of fresh ideas.

Product Angel evolves business ideas with commercial viability and can get involved at any stage of a project. We can deliver the necessary technology and processes to support the scale of the product. We also offer branding, digital marketing and sales strategy & business development to support small business launches.

A Little Of Our Entrepreneurial Clients

Entrepreneurs were born to innovate. We help turn your new ideas into services that people know about.

We evolve new, innovative and disruptive business ideas, that are commercially viable, and translate these into end to end services, whilst implementing any necessary technology. We can source and introduce third parties to help deliver your solution. If you have developed your service already, we can refine processes to scale, marketing material to target your customers and implement business development strategies to drive sales.

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Insight To The Challenges Faced By Corporates

Innovation will not wait for enterprises to assemble the product management army.

If you are a company with an ever growing product development roadmap but constrained with finite head-count, then Product Angel can help on a part-time or full-time basis to ideate, build or launch your competitive innovations. Hiring permanent Product Developers takes time, to unearth qualified candidates. It also takes a headcount budget which is a luxury that you may not have in these uncertain times.

Competition and innovation waits for nobody. Call us for a chat. Maybe we can help.

A Little Of Our Smaller Businesses

Launch your dream and leave the website and branding to us.

Product Angel also supports the launch of small businesses that may not require a technical product but do need guidance on service design, pricing, branding and digital marketing, sales strategy and business development.

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